Remote Health Service

Remote Health Service

YPCC will a provide quality and dependable health care service to people travelling around Australia or living in remote areas, and for boat travellers.

Patients will be encouraged to register with us prior to commencing their journey, to ensure we have access to their medical history and medications. Patients will be able to access a range of services from prescriptions, investigations, referrals and video consultations.

It is hoped people will see us as a safety net, an accessible reliable service, a medical practice that a patient can depend on.

If requested, any treatment we provide, will be forwarded to the patient’s regular health care provider.

As a General Practitioner in a Tourist area, I see the need for the grey nomad population to have access to a remote health care provider who can offer them the security of peace of mind , when travelling.

Convenience if you live in a remote area Continuity and dependability.

Medical records and prescriptions will be kept up to date.

Our remote health service is based in Far North Queensland but can deliver health care to the wider community. Continuity of care is important, when you contact us for Remote Health care you will have the assurance of knowing who you are dealing with. I will be overseeing all treatment. We provide a reliable, dependable service. All of our team reside in the Cairns region

Brian and his team, provide a reliable, caring healthcare service.